" The MILEPOST®: Legendary travel guide to the highways, roads,  ferries, lodgings, recreation, sightseeing attractions and services  along the Alaska Highway to and within Alaska, including Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and the Yukon." (inactive page)
    Calvin P. White photos of Black Alaska Highway veterans from Fairbanks Newsminer website.
    "The Black Corps of Engineers and the Construction of the Alaska Highway - ALCAN - African Americans and World War II"
     Negro History Bulletin,  Dec, 1993  by Dr. E. Valerie Smith
    Books about the Alaska (Alcan) Highway.
    388th Engineer Battalion Alumni Home Page.
    Video on African Americans in World War II.
    All about the Yukon. (inactive site )
    A history of the Alaska Highway. (inactive site )
    Services and sights along the highway. (inactive site )
    Means to ordering a video on the highway. (inactive site )
    Alaska Bell's travel guide - includes explanations to what seems like every sight on the road (including parking lots). (inactive site)
    U.S. Army site, includes information on reunion coming up in Albuquerque. (inactive site)
    Interesting "historical mileposts" on the road.
    Map of the Alaska Highway. (inactive page)
    Blacks in Alaska History Project, Inc.

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    "... extracted from Ulysses Lee’s The Employment of Negro Troops, US Army in World War II" (inactive page)
    The Alaska Highway - before the highway.
    Books on the Alaska Highway, history and slide show.
    Video learning tool for children about the highway.
    About Peace River, along the highway.
    Exploring the Alaska Highway - for planning a trip.
    National Historic Civil Engineering Sites, THE ALASKA HIGHWAY. (inactive site)
    ALCAN in the historical film "The Negro Soldier", released April 13, 1944 by the War Department.
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    Video on traveling the highway.
     Portal site for Black internet sites. (Registration required.)
    The Black Historical and Cultural Society of British Columbia
    "Photo exhibit captures forgotten history", by Sheri Sauter. Duke University Chronicle 2/15/1994.
     Books with great photos of the Alcan construction and other WWII action in Canada and Alaska.
    (Not many photos of Black GIs.)
    The World War II regement That Built The Alaska Military highway, A Photographic History," by William E. Griggs, veteran of the 97th Engineer's Regiment.
    Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association.